How does LTL Shipping work?
10 Jul
Nils T.
10, Jul 2023

LTL Freight can be shipped standard, expedited, guaranteed or with special services, such as lift gate pickup/delivery, inside pickup/delivery, residential pickup/delivery, and reweighing or reclassification.

LTLT works by using hubs and spokes. Hubs are the large or central terminals, also known as a distribution center where packages are sorted out if it needs to go to spokes for delivery or if additional transportation is required. Spokes are the end of line terminals. Drivers are hired in spokes to do the delivery and pick up. They usually have a route set for each driver. Drivers would do the delivery first to unload the trailer, and afterward, the drivers will pick up the packages or pallets. They do their routes several times a week to make a connection and build trust and a good relationship with clients.

Basically, you combine partial loads to a full multi-stop truckload, which is very efficient.