How to Find an LTL Freight Carrier with First-Rate Performance for Your Company
20 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
20, Jul 2023

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping can help your company save a ton of money, but how do you pick the ideal carrier for your logistics requirements? Based on their location, preferred type of freight, and available money, every firm has specific shipping requirements. Our industry insights will help you make the most of LTL freight carriers whether you are just beginning to consider your alternatives or have been looking for the ideal fit for some time.

Match the carrier's capabilities with your freight demands.

The best thing about LTL freight shipment is that you only have to pay for the vehicle space you actually need. Be mindful of the following factors in addition to cost-saving measures:

  • Offering service alternatives that are accommodating: Ensure that the unique requirements of your freight are taken into account, including lift gates, residential services, delivery appointments, and other options required to expedite the delivery of products.
  • Options for packaging: LTL carriers will transport your cargo among several trucks, terminals, and warehouses. To help reduce potential damage, we advise palletizing or crate-packing your freight whenever possible.
  • Reliable cargo tracking: Make sure the tracking information you receive from the LTL carrier is appropriate for your purposes by being aware of the options available to you. Unlike certain full truckload carriers, LTL carriers often do not have GPS tracking on their trailers. However, LTL carriers have the ability to scan your cargo at every terminal it passes through.

Utilize current technology to streamline the delivery of freight by your LTL carriers.

When it comes to streamlining your shipping, software is essential. Modern logistics technology increases supply chain visibility significantly and offers corporate intelligence with the advantage of vetted talent to provide carrier solutions. With regard to LTL freight, Freightquote enables you to handle every shipment without requiring you to request specific quotes from your carriers.

Use correct data and industry best practices to obtain more competitive carrier quotations.

By giving the most exact information you have about your freight, you can cut costs right away. Working with rapid approximations is a common mistake that can lead to misunderstanding and increased costs if the actual weight, density, and dimensions of your freight differ from what was anticipated.

Another crucial element of cost reduction is understanding the specifics of your NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification), a code that specifies the kind of freight you are sending and establishes your freight class. Having the wrong freight class or code can increase the cost of the procedure regardless of the carrier you employ because the lower your freight class, the cheaper it is to transport. However, once you provide your most precise weight and dimensions for your freight, Freightquote will identify the appropriate class for you, ensuring that you are always using the correct information and obtaining the best value.

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