20 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
20, Jul 2023

We depend on your feedback to keep and expand our platform of shipping clients and service providers on Shipit4us. Giving accurate evaluations is beneficial for all parties concerned and is a foundational element of following accepted best practices in the industry.

Giving feedback to your shipping service providers is crucial since it enables potential clients to understand how they work and what to anticipate from them. Feedback given about your shipping clients can encourage others service providers to accept shipments from the types of clients they are looking for.

Although not essential, ratings and reviews are strongly encouraged due to their invaluable contribution. Here are some pointers for giving the most helpful opinions:

Keep it professional - even if the delivery wasn't flawless, your review will carry more weight if it is respectful and well-written. Don't include any superfluous or private information about clients or service providers.

Don't just talk about terrible things - Humans occasionally tend to focus more on unpleasant than pleasant memories. Ratings and reviews may therefore reflect less negatively than they really need to. Please share any positive or neutral experiences you have with the community.

Be truthful - especially if their experience was unfavorable, be truthful in your feedback. Even though giving bad feedback occasionally seems uncomfortable, future potential consumers will respect your honesty.