Shipping to Haiti from any States
12 Jul
A.M. Elie
12, Jul 2023
Shipping to Haiti from any States besides Florida and New York has always been challenging. If you are in South Florida, you can drop the shipment to our warehouse or request a door pick up.

From Any other States, you can choose from our LTL ( less than truck Load) rate to have your shipment delivered to our warehouse. When you have a shipment well packed either boxes, barrels, pallets or bins, Shipit4us make it easier for you to ship to Haiti with a transit in Florida with Madame Distribution.

We do shipping via air and ocean and we will take care of needed customs formalities for export and import.

Signup with Shipit4us and book directly your shipments from the comfort of your house on the East coast or west coast in the US and make your family happy in Haiti.