The Distinction Between Dimensional Weight And Actual Weight
21 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
21, Jul 2023

Yes, you've read it right! Dimensional and actual weight is different!

Shipit4us will clarify the difference between real weight and dimensional weight in LTL shipping because many shippers are confused when they first encounter the idea of dimensional weight.

Let's define dimensional weight first!

Dimentional weight is the ratio of the volume of a shipment to its actual weight. It also takes into account the length, width & height of the package that you are shipping. It is an idea that air freight shipping companies came up with after realizing that many of their items were quite light yet took up a lot of room on their aircraft. Air carriers determined that they would charge depending on what the weight of a package should be in relation to its size and the quantity of cargo capacity it occupies because there is a finite amount of usable cargo space aboard a plane.

How about actual weight?

Your shipment's total weight, including its packing, is known as its actual weight (which includes the weight of the pallet itself). It is crucial to weigh your package after it has been completely packed and wrapped, ideally using a certified freight scale, to determine its true weight. It is not a good idea to estimate the exact weight of your package because carriers weigh and measure cargo as part of the inspection procedure. You will be assessed a reweigh fee, which will raise the overall cost of freight shipping, if the claimed weight of your shipment and the carrier's weight differ. To make it short, actual weight is exactly what the product weighs including packaging.

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