What are NMFC Codes?
08 Jul
Nils T.
08, Jul 2023

Transport Marketplace Freight classes were created to streamline freight categorization and pricing across the industry.

The NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) sets the freight class based on the density, handling, stowability and liability of the item, with all commodities falling under one of 18 classifications that range from class 50 to 500.

Density: An items density is determined by its weight and dimensions. It means pounds per cubic foot. The higher the density, the lower the class and the cost.

Stowability: It means how the shipment can be arranged with other freight in the transport vehicle. This takes into account hazardous shipments or items with strange dimensions that make it difficult to load freight around them.

Handling: Dimensions, fragility and packaging play a role in how difficult an item is to handle, especially when loaded and unloaded from LTL Terminal to LTL Terminal.

Liability: Liability takes into account the probability of the shipment being damaged or stolen, as well as the perishability or possibility or freight theft.

Noting the right NMFC item number is important to help you with your shipping costs and avoid reclassification or rate differences.

To find the correct NMFC item number for your shipment, use the NMFC Lookup on our website or log into your account to request an NMFC from one of our shipping experts. Don’t have an account yet? Click here to get started.