What is Guaranteed LTL Shipping, and When Should You Use It?
22 Jul
Francesca Leila Riego
22, Jul 2023

What is Less Than Truckload services that is assured? It is a promise that on a day of regular service delivery, your freight will arrive at a certain time of your choosing.

Estimates of the travel time for LTL freight shipments are frequently included in quotes. Each LTL freight carrier has a set of standard transit times that they follow, which take into account the distance, the shipping route, and the availability of trucks to transport the freight between its origin and destination.

There is an LTL guaranteed delivery window service that allows you to designate a deadline for a shipment's arrival (between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, for example).

When should you utilize LTL service that is guaranteed?

When shipping to a shop with severe delivery window specifications, such as an MABD (Must Arrive By Date).

Missing these deadlines could result in chargebacks of about 3% of the purchase order's total cost. Guaranteed LTL shipment is only little more expensive.

When your customer wants their parcel immediately (JIT) delivery.

If you are exporting components to a company which uses JIT techniques, a delay in your shipment's arrival could cause them to postpone their production run or perhaps stop it altogether. In the event that your delayed delivery results in a production stoppage, you can be subject to a per-minute punishment or even lose their company outright.

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