06 Jul
Ivy Bumanlag
06, Jul 2023

Shipit4us is an Online marketplace We have the most shipping categories of any marketplace ever. Ground, air, and ocean shipments can be dispatched on the basis of rapid quotes or auctions. You can pick a price from hundreds of instant quotations or find a service that meets your budget and schedule.

that will really help you in shipping or moving almost any type of shipment over a long distance. Our service provider will collaborate with you to prepare a shipment arrangement that is suited to your specific requirements and manage the entire process from pickup to delivery.

This guideline will explain to you how to:

·         How does Shipit4us Work?

·         What You Are Able to Ship

·         Questions and Answers

·         Why you should use us?


How does Shipit4us Work?

Sign up as a shipper or provider it is absolutely free for everyone. Once you sign up as a shipper and confirm your email you can start using a marketplace, as a shipper you can get instant LTL, Volume, and Haiti rates, or place your shipment in the marketplace in order to receive quotes from our trusted and verified service providers.

After you sign up as a provider you can approve and verify our safe and trusty team checks it before they can be approved.

Each approved profile gets a certified seals a certified and trusted provider you can search for available shipments and place a quote on a marketplace shipment.

As a shipper you only pay a booking pay, Payments are secure and safe for everyone. You released the payment after your shipment is confirmed delivered your payment is safe with us. Both shippers and service providers can leave trusted feedback After the shipment is confirmed delivered this helps the community to be safe and trusted.

Ship with us in three simple steps.

1.      In our marketplace, pick a category and list any type of shipment, including dimensions, weight, and destinations.

2.      You can expect to start receiving quotes from our trusted providers in less than a second. Compare pricing and read prior customer feedback to choose the best quote for you.

3.      Relax while your items are safely transported by your chosen shipping company.

What You Are Able to Ship?

Shipit4us is especially experienced in handling huge, bulky, and otherwise risky items. Shipit4us providers will transport the following items for you:

·         Cars, motorbikes, RVs, trailers, and car parts are all transported.

·         Boats

·         Farm and construction equipment are examples of heavy machinery.

·         Cargo loads

·         Appliances and furniture for the home

·         Large musical instruments such as pianos and organs

·         Hot tubs, waterslides, and playground equipment are among the larger miscellaneous goods.


Questions and Answers

Is Shipit4us Available in My Area?

Yes! Shipit4us is used by couriers all throughout the county and abroad, so if you do need to move furniture around town or transport a car, we have you covered.


Who will be responsible for my delivery?

Whatever you want! Thousands of rated transportation providers are waiting to bid on your delivery on our site. Which quote you accept is entirely up to you.


Is there a range of vehicle sizes available from Shipit4us?

Shipping anything is no problem for the many couriers listed on Shipit4us, who are equipped with a wide range of vehicles. Having the delivery company send the appropriate vehicle to you is made feasible by including the approximate size (and images, if possible) on your listing.


How Fast Will I Get a Quote?

Within a second, you can expect to begin receiving quotes. Add extra information to your description if you're concerned about the lack of estimates, as transport providers could be uncertain of weight or dimensions and are unable to deliver an exact quote. 


Is it possible to change the delivery address?

Please note that if you haven't already agreed to accept a quote, you can update the address of your listing. After you've published your ad, any active quotes will be canceled, and you'll have to wait for fresh ones to arrive. Your transportation company should be aware of any address changes if you've already accepted a quote.


Why you should use us?

Hundreds of customers are available

Shipit4us connects you to thousands of clients and thousands of fresh shipping tasks every day.


Apply your extra capacity

Shipit4us provides it all, whether you need full loads, portion loads, or backloads. Find jobs in similar areas to your planned routes to reduce wasted capacity and optimize earnings.


No sign-up or subscription required

Shipit4us registration is 100% free, and there are no subscription costs. Shipit4us charges a fee only when you receive work, and this price is simply added to your quoted amount.


Equal marketplace

Every shipping firm on Shipit4us has received feedback from its clients. Shipit4us can support the best shipping companies.