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New to Shipping Boats?

New to Shipping Boats?

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Boat Transport Services

Professional Boat Transport Services

Shipit4us is a full-service boat transport marketplace that connects shippers and carriers. Our service providers offer boat transport services at competitive rates across the country and overseas. They have years of experience in the boat transport services industry. We understand that moving your boat can be challenging and stressful. Our duty is to handle every detail of boat shipping, lifting stress off your shoulders.

Our service providers possess the correct equipment and knowledge to get your boat securely to its destination. Shipit4us is bonded, licensed, and insured company to transport boats worldwide. We have the best drivers and trailers for your boat shipping needs.

Our industry-leading safety standards guarantee a quality boat haul you can count on. We ship an array of boats, including sport fishing, motorboats, houseboats, and pontoon boats.

Methods used to ship a boat:

  • Boat Trailers:

Overland transport or boat trailer transport refers to a boat trailer that moves boats on land. This requires a vehicle with a powerful engine capable of towing a boat and properly secured to a trailer before moving. You can also transport your boat with your own trailer, depending on the size of your boat. This mode or method is usually less expensive than renting a special transport vehicle and trailer.

This is because there is probably no need to factor in ground transportation rental or fuel costs. The biggest advantage of ground delivery is that you don't have to worry about intense weather. However, long-distance transportation is expensive and time-consuming, making it suitable for short-distance travel.

  • Own Bottom

The best way to ship large boats and yachts might be on their own bottom. However, this is a project you might want to undertake on your own. In fact, many new boat owners turn the process of bringing their vessel to their home port into an experience by traveling up the Intracoastal or taking a large cruise from the city where the manufacturer is based. But the time commitment may be too great depending on the distance. A competent delivery captain is, more often than not, the one who delivers boats that are shipped on their own bottom. Larger yachts and boats could require more personnel, for example.

  • Yacht Transport Ship

Shipping through a yacht transport ship may be the ideal choice for very large boats and yachts that are going on lengthy voyages or to distant locations. As one might anticipate, these cases are rather uncommon and considerably more expensive.

Shipit4Us - A Premium Marketplace for Boat Transport Services

Boat shipping is frequently chosen by boat owners to transport their vessels, whether on land or in water. Boat shipping liberates the owner from excessive time obligations and the challenging physical difficulties of transporting a large vessel over great distances.

We offer dependable and timely boat transport services near me and aim to make the whole transporting procedure easier and straightforward. Our service provider has vast experience in boat shipping in almost every country, including providing all the pertinent paperwork and permissions.

Shipit4us will mediate with the loading and unloading points to ensure your transport goes smoothly and keep you informed on progress. Our friendly and professional drivers will securely deliver your boat to its new destination.

They are experts at loading and hauling all kinds of boats. Our boat trailers have adjustable supports to fit boats of all sizes and shapes. We provide quality and secure boat haul at the most affordable prices.

Perks Of Working With Shipit4us

Following are the few advantages of hiring boat transport services through our marketplace:

  • Experienced boat transporters
  • Complete availability
  • No upfront deposit
  • Dependable and safe shipping solutions